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instant presence on set

 Collaborate with production units – On-Site & anywhere in the world

Receive & Transmit
unlimited streams

satOS allows you to transmit and receive any amount of h264 streams directly within your browser, phone or tablet – basically on and from any device. SatOS supports the use of PCI-E and USB capture cards.

Full control for operators

Control who’s allowed to access streams and limit bandwidth to parties, while enabling real-time smooth high quality streams to those that need to create visually and time critical decisions on or off set.

Production in the Cloud

Plug your set into the internet. Monitor live footage on set from 10ft, 150ft, 1200ft away or 2430km in someones hotel bed room. Using Ethernet, Wifi & 4G/5G you can quickly setup large hybrid networks.

Stay in the know

Two-way communcation

Chat or log into the audio comms and join the chatter from anywhere in the world or just around the corner.


works on mac, win, unix, ios, ipad & android


SatOS is fully compatible across current devices and operating systems. Works on latest builds of Safari, Chrome, iPadOS, iOS, Firefox, Edge.


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High quality streams

Transmit unlimited sources per device at up to trail blazing 150Mbits at 4K per stream. SatOS sets the standard for remote collaboration video and audio quality.

All cameras supported

SatOS supports all major capture card manufacturers, i.e. Blackmagic Design, AJA, Atomos, Elgato. If your camera has an HDMI or SDI OUT – it’s compatible.

coming Soon

remote proxies

For the first time in the history of film, you can start editing the moment the camera stops rolling. Capture ISO streams with up to 4K image and 256kbits quality audio signal.

Two-Way Talkback

Talk to DPs, Producers and Crew on set from the comfort of your home. Let agencies, clients and production participate remotely and follow with the flow of the production.

Industry Standard Security

PRSNC in combination with satOS is the safest way, to offer collaborators around to the world, access to your on-going production.

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